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First Happy Post!!!

I noticed that all of my other posts where varying forms of bitching and whining. No wonder my replies are thin (wait is that another whine? nevermind).

While this comes pretty quickly on the heels of the break-up post, I have spent the last two Saturdays with an interesting girl. She is a Japanese national who works as an economist. She is trei-cute, and we have a fun time. However, many of our conversations require both of us to explain words or pronouciations. This means that my perchant for sarcasm and other flip comments often go over her head (not hard I am a good ft taller). But on the other side, I learned how to say chopsticks in Japanese.

Oh, and she is an artist! (oils and textiles). Very cool.

The biggest cultural difference is that I don't know how to move this relationship forward. So far, it has consisted of great conversation and hugs. She is shy, but I am obtuse to signs comming from girls that grew up in the US, with her that would make me blind.

So, I am happy and confused, which means that there is potential
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