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New Year/Old Times

I celebrated the new year with friends that I have known since high school (and actually one friend's kid who just started high school (not my idea)). The nostalgia was pretty deep already, and when I was helping the kid through what was probably his first collect call to ralph on the big white telephone it was complete.

Now, I am trying my best not to turn this into a wonder years rant, but it felt a lot like a John Hughes flick (if you ignore that the friends were home owners and one was pregnant(She's having a Baby??)). Well at least I was in the John Hughes movie (if you ignore my hairline and lack of spliting hangover). Ok, it was nothing like a John Hughes movie. We didn't even have Jory's exchange student boyfriend over.

However, to complete my misperception of the eve, on New Years day I spent hours watching VH-1's I love the 80's 83-89. Believe it or not there were more than passing references to Hughes and the brat pack. Did I waste my day off? Hell no. I was laughing my ass off. By the end, I couldn't make up my mind whether to do a beer bong, dig out my yellow Vans or shave my head in a Corgan-esk attempt to retain my youth. Ultimately, I decided that the former would make me sick, the latter would make me cold and eventually sick, and the shoes needed a wash.

I am going sking next week. So, maybe I will just rent Hotdog the Movie in prep.
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