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Summer of music

Not since the heady days of having a full head of hair have I had such a summer of music, and it is all over the map:

Ernie Campbell and Hot Soup: a blues man with a bit of funke band back up. He walked on stage with a cane, set that down, picked up a guitar and just wailed. The base player and keyboardest were dressed in matching outfits (one red/one purple) and played and acted like they came out of Prince's Revolution.

Black Francis: had a great show in a small venue. He played the old Pixies stuff, but also some kick-ass new stuff I had never heard. His openning act included a vortex cannon and a glowing pickle.

Ministry: Played all the good stuff. I even went in to mosh with the 20 year olds for a few songs. They trashed my shoes, but it was well worth it.

The Dead: This is only my second show with them, but by far the best. I had a near religious experience with Joan Osborne singing Jerry's lyrics. The only thing that would have made it better would have been bringing a frisbee to the parking lot.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia: (outdoor picknick wine/cheese) beautiful music under the stars.

Liz Phair: I love this girl. She played a lot of the old stuff that got me into her. Her new stuff was good fun and a little harder than she has done in the past. She could have played for another hour, and I would have been happy. Finished the night with strawberry pancakes.

What's next? I have to hunt up some local bands. The summer is fading...
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It's not Black Francis... that was what he was called with The Pixies. Now, he's just Frank Black.

Go see REM.. oh, wait, that's me!
Hey, he can grow up - doesn't mean I have to.

Oh and I never heard an offer for REM. So bite off.
Wasn't mine to offer, dude.
Fricken music snob.
I am not a music snob... I just think some songs should not get covered... and you're thinking of the wrong sibling... Even though he's a snob about Butt Rock.