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So it's been a while, so sue me, want to fight about it?

Finally broke out of the old hovel. All it really takes to convince you that it's time to move out of a 100 year-old house that you shared with roommates for seven years is to try and clean that place for the security deposit. What a heap. We found several places where you could see down into the basement, which of course negated the need for dustpans.

Been in the new digs for 'bout a month, and I am just getting to know the area. I've been busy and out of town and tired and rained on and trying to get my knees to work better after being kamakazed on the slopes.

Still I have noticed a need to do stuff, that comes from not having anybody to talk to at home.

One of the new places I did find was this Buddhist temple a block away. So, I went to a service Sunday and really enjoyed the meditation. The chanting was cool, if confusing. You sing along to a song you have never heard before. I settled for resonant humming. The only thing that harshed the pleasant newness of the experience was a recitation of precepts that included avoiding promiscuity, and poisons and other such rot that reminded me of Catholic fore-swearing of drink and lust and such. Even so, I may go back for the early stuff and ditch the rest unless I get dirty looks.

Then like any good failed christian, I went to see a cool movie about witches and shrunken heads on Sunday.

I rounded out the day with a thai date (food, not the date herself). Nice thick curly hair and good wit. I think that I will see her again. All together a good day. Now if I could just drag myself out to the pool to swim, I'd have something.
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