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Tuna anyone?

Well, it has come down to that time again. Not since the heady days of college have I had to resort to such belt tightening. But don't worry ladies, while I won't be meeting you out at the bars, I always look my best when surviving on that low cost mulch of ramen noodles and tuna. At this rate I should be back up to my over-consumptive glutenous ways that make this country proud by the end of summer.

Until then, does anyone know of any good deals on plankton?
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I'm sure the ladies are bawling.

It is time to learn from me of the essence of belt tightening.

1. Ramen is your friend.

2. Soup, the brothy style, is good too.

3. Bread goes a long way.

4. Snag free food whenever possible.

5. Eat slowly. It feels like you're having a big meal.

6. Go the extra distance for a good deal.

7. Butter is a good friend. As is salt.

The Jorinator has spoken.
Thank you. Taking your advice (#1-6)will surely lead me to a fuller stomach and (#7) a few steps closer to heart disease.